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      Current location:South China Hotel > South Wind Lounge

      South Wind Lounge

      Pure coffee, fragrant tea, and the sound of bamboo and zither make you feel at ease.

      Nanfeng bar provides all kinds of snacks, cakes and drinks. It is one of the most suitable places for social activities in the hotel, and it is also an ideal choice for a drink. Through the floor glass window of Zhejiang Nanguo Hotel, you can enjoy the landscape of stork mountain

      Business Hours:9:00-23:00

      Add:Left side of lobby on the first floor


      zhejiang south china hotel all rights reserved. Add:8 Guanyi Road,FuYang HangZhou China Zip code:311400
      TEL :86(0)571 6313 8888  FAX :86(0)571 6313 8899  E-mail:reservations@www.jcwy020.cn